Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Management SoftwareOur Hotel Channel Management Software helps hotels to avoid the manual intervention in the process of updating their inventory and rates across several channels. The software’s integration with IDS Next Hotel ERP ensures that hotel inventory is displayed real-time on various distribution channels. This eliminates errors and ensures your hotel always capitalizes on booking potential. This hotel channel manager software also helps your staff reduce work, manage rate parity and maintain an impressive online presence across a growing list of channels.

How does it work?

The hotel channel management software allows a hotel to view status of all its channels by date. To maintain all the channels effectively, this tool also processes and displays channel wise multiple rate plans. It also provides an option to open and close at channel level, room type level and rate plan level. With the channel manager, hotels can have multi-currency plans along with ability to set room allocations to channels for a particular date period.


  • Reduced manual effort in channel management
  • Hotels can publish rates and room availability on several channels with just the click of a single button
  • Reflect real-time hotel room availability on channels and sell until the last room
  • Better control over rates and availability per day, per channel and rooms wise
  • Adopt different pricing strategies on special occasions
  • Have the privilege of giving more availability to the best-selling channel