Fortune Central Financial Reporting System

cfrsCentral Financial Reporting System for Hotels Maintaining huge financial information in a hotel business involves multiple data entry processes. Thus, it may lead to vital financial data being stored in silos. Therefore, this can even result in errors. Our Fortune Central Financial Reporting System (CFRS) can streamline this complex process of financial accounting for hotels. Fortune CFRS integrates with your Hotel ERP and automates the entry of data into respective ledgers.Thus, it effectively collates financial information and allows the user to create multiple customized reports. As a result, this provides insights into property’s finances.

Fortune CFRS utilizes the pull-methodology for data transfers process. Thus, it pulls property level financial data from the Hotel PMS database through a proprietary data transfer engine. For hotel chains, CFRS provides property wise maps of accounts, transaction types, departments, cost centers, etc. Subsequently, the application also maintains synchronized unit level financial parameters, masters & transaction level data from each of the property in the chain. Moreover, it enables generation of real-time unit-wise or consolidated reports at central level. Fortune CFRS can also be deployed using a secure VPN.


  • Real-Time Transfers of Property Financial Data to HO
  • Maintain Centralized Transaction Types (Books)
  • Control Unit Transactions by Locking
  • Audited Months
  • Unit-wise and consolidated reports
  • Schedule VI Queries & Reports (TB, PL, BS, and Sch.)
  • Direct Unit Reports like trial and profit and loss balance sheet
  • Monitoring Features like Property-wise Link Status, Transfer and Error Log
  • Security Features like definition of users and privileges and more