Like any other technology platforms, hospitality technology landscape too is witnessing rapid changes. As a result, today’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow. Many hoteliers today are increasingly adopting integrated and all in one Hotel ERP rather than deploying desperate systems like they used to do decades ago. As a matter of fact, innovation is the key in technology landscape. This means, hoteliers need to know on how to leverage the same to automate operations, reduce costs and ultimately to serve guests better. Here are few emerging solutions that will be trending in 2017.

Cloud-based Hotel PMS

Emerging & Trending Hospitality Technology Platforms in 2017

According to 2016 Lodging Technology Study; nearly 70% of hotels are adopting some form of cloud based solutions. Most importantly, trends suggest that the majority of hotels would shift from on-premise Hotel PMS to cloud-based Hotel PMS in 2017. By and large, reasons behind such such shift can be attributed to –

Ease of implementation

  • Relatively lower maintenance
  • Affordable and simpler pricing model
  • Higher level of data security
  • Flexible remote access

Besides this, scalability is another important feature that makes a cloud-based property management system efficient than an on-premise PMS. Moreover, the solution should provide two-way interfaces with a myriad of third party and add-on solutions such as channel manager, point of sale, financial accounting and relevant hardware integration. In short, a hosted Hotel PMS allows hoteliers to run multiple properties through a single sign on.

Mobile Apps

Today, mobile apps are in use in every aspect of hotel operations. Right from check-in to room service and food ordering at restaurants, mobile apps are everywhere in the hospitality business process. According to PwC, nearly two third of all the hotels would provide mobile check-in facility to their guests by 2017. Some of the major revolutions in mobile app segment that have the capabilities to influence hospitality technology landscape are –

  • Mobile Analytics App: Mobile Analytics App allows hoteliers to see their properties’ operation related information real-time from anywhere, anytime. Thus, users can view statistics including EOD Projection, revenue comparison, room summary and many more on their smartphones.
  • Hotel Apps for Guests: Hotel Apps for Guests: Mobile apps provide endless opportunities for hotels to up sell their additional services. Hoteliers can take their guest service level to a new height by allowing them to download their hotel app. This definitely helps guests interact with the hotel. As a result, this assists hotels in selling other amenities to grow revenue.

For 24/7 guest facing and complex hotel business, hospitality technology has become an indispensable part. Therefore, today’s smart hoteliers need to invest on well-strategized hospitality technology platforms. While, it helps hotels raise bar on their customer service parameters, guests too find them convenient to interact with the hotel.

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Emerging & Trending Hospitality Technology Platforms in 2017
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