Technology is the biggest enabler in almost all major industries. It goes same with the hospitality industry, too. In this 24/7 guest facing industry, hospitality technology solutions influence how hoteliers manage their daily operations.

Find a reliable hospitality technology solutions vendor

You must choose a reliable hospitality technology solutions provider to address issues related to your IT needs. To start with, go for a highly integrated Hotel PMS Software to ensure higher level of operational automation. For example, our FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise comes with 13 tightly integrated modules running on single database. Thus, you can manage data effectively with less maintenance. Most importantly, IDS Next hotel software does not have interfaces between modules. In addition to this, you can work faster on the Hotel ERP as it comes with hosts of hot keys. All things considered, IDS Next provides 24/7 technical support.

Ask your technology vendor for a CRS

Hospitality Technology Solutions: What to Opt For?

Besides this, another hospitality technology solution that matters a lot for chain hotels is a Central Reservation System (CRS). SkyRes acts as the central hub for all the properties in a chain spread across locations. It effectively centralizes the property wise reservation related data from the Hotel PMS, call center and phone reservation system.

For chain hotels, SkyRes ensures that all bookings made across properties are accurately captured in the FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise. The dashboard displays the status of critical KPIs including availability, rates, reservations, travel agent and corporate performance and revenue generation reports etc. SkyRes enables users to achieve higher conversions in direct booking, thereby, helping the hotel to maintain profitability.

Does your technology partner help you ‘go mobile’?

Today’s busy hoteliers can’t be at their properties all day to oversee daily operations. In this case, a smart mobile analytics app like Pulze 247 can help users the most. Most importantly, this will also assist them in keeping an eye on business critical information anywhere, anytime.

Downloadable on smartphones, hoteliers can use Pulze 247 to view their hotels’ business critical data while on the move. They get to see real-time information of their properties’ daily business metrics at their fingertips. Therefore, they can now take actionable decisions without losing time.

Some of the important data that can be tracked using Pulze 247 are –

  • Status of room inventory including number of rooms that are out of order and availability of rooms to sell etc.
  • Get clear picture on reservation statistics like number of walk-ins, day use rooms, expected departures, actual departures, stay overs, actual arrivals, early departures and extend stays etc.
  • Keep track on your property’s EOD Projection by accessing data on total revenue, average revenue, maximum occupancy, minimum occupancy and no shows etc.
  • View revenue performance of the day/month/year and compare the flow of revenue from different heads including both room and non-room items sales.
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Hospitality Technology Solutions: What to Opt For?
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