Managing the entire operations at a hotel is a challenging task. Hoteliers should manage both front of the house and back of the house operations with equal importance. Therefore, they need to effectively optimize back office activities like optimizing bar stock, inventory control and vendor management etc. However, manual handling of these critical parameters can lead to both inaccuracies and wastage of time. As a result, in such scenarios, a Hotel PMS with a materials management module can play a major role.

Materials Management Made Easy By IDS Next Hotel PMS

Does Your Hotel PMS Efficiently Help In Materials Management?Hoteliers using IDS Next Hotel PMS can efficiently simplify the whole process of materials management. Because, this hotel software comes with a robust materials management module. Many critical operations like purchase of food and beverages, housekeeping items and their stock management and vendor management etc happen simultaneously in inventory. Keeping track of all these activities manually is a daunting job. If not done appropriately, it can lead to revenue leakage, wastage and theft.

Additionally, users can predict demand and supply rate with great accuracy to reduce error. Moreover, it also helps users in vendor management. In simple words, this module helps users handle both purchase management and store management with ease.

Key Functionalities

  • Hoteliers can create multiple stores for various stores. They can also the handle main stores, sub-stores concept and transactions.
  • Users can define store valuation with different industry standard methods like weighted average, last purchase price, and FIFO
  • Hotels’ purchase managers can analyze ABC and FSN reports
  • Customer can engage in indent management and acquisition management
  • Provides authorization level control for purchase order/Purchase requisition/Indents
  • Store manager can access item stock level and stock variance reports
  • Purchase manager can engage in vendor analysis and quotation maintenance
  • Auto generation of purchase requisition based on minimum, maximum and re-orders levels
  • Scanned purchase order can be attached to the system
  • View average consumption per day, expected last days and budget
  • Butchery management
  • Physical stock entry can be updated monthly
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Does Your Hotel PMS Efficiently Help In Materials Management?
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