FortuneNEXT 6.5 Genie

genieBudget Hotel Management Software FortuneNEXT 6.5 Genie is a budget hotel software. Therefore, it caters to the unique needs of limited service hotels, service apartments, lodges, motels, and budget hospitality properties. Also, this budget Hotel PMS runs on a single database. Thus, it offers users a quick overview of the hotel’s entire operations. Moreover, it connects front of the house operations to back of the house operation. Subsequently, FortuneNEXT 6.5 Genie technologically empowers the management in every aspect of their operations.

Being a budget hotel software, FortuneNEXT 6.5 Genie comes with 5 operationally essential modules. In short, this application efficiently automates operations across all the departments. Thus, with higher degree of automation in place, hotels can ensure optimized use of manpower.


  • Front Office Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Point of Sale
  • Telephone Management
  • Materials Management

Key Highlights

  • Become GST ready with FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise
  • Automatic Patch Management. This will enable you to download the releases from IDS automatically.
  • Reports can be generated in PDF format. Thus, it eliminates the chances of manipulation.
  • Compact and user friendly application
  • Scalable as hotel grows
  • Strong application architecture for faster performance
  • Higher automation for optimized use of manpower


  • The application provides robust hotel audit mechanism. Thus, users do not have to stop their operations during the night audit process.
  • Users can ensure quicker reservation process on a single screen
  • The hotel software is PA DSS Certified. Thus, it protects guests’ credit card details.
  • The software provides interface to mobile apps like Easy Dine and Easy Check-In. As a result, it helps hotels go mobile.
  • Users can access 360 Degree Hospitality Solutions. Thus, it helps them sell more rooms to ensure increased occupancy.
  • The Hotel ERP is integrated with a Channel Manager Solution. Thereby, it helps users better distribute their inventory across multiple channels.
  • Users can leverage an attractive user-friendly and easy-to navigate interface