Web Booking Engine

WBE-3Web Booking Engine Our Web Booking Engine (WBE) helps hotels leverage their websites to witness increased direct booking and enhanced room occupancy. Apart from a 24/7 room booking channel, it also offers hotels a two-way interface with their Fortune ERP. It also comes with an interface to a payment gateway and offers a host of fit-for-use templates.

How Does the Web Booking Engine Work?

Embedded in a hotel website and interfaced with the hotel’s PMS System our WBE allows potential guests to view availability of rooms real-time to make booking directly. Guests would even receive instant confirmation against their bookings directly from the hotel’s property management system. This whole process is error free and most importantly, a hotel to accept bookings for as much as a year in advance.


  • Leverage your hotel website to ensure that you get advance booking at your property
  • Witness increased room booking and pay per transaction which is cost-effective
  • Ensure enhanced revenue as our Internet Booking Engine supports rate fencing and rate restrictions
  • Dedicated customer sign-in portal
  • Enables guests to make multiple room types in one booking
  • Instant booking confirmation/status goes to the guest directly from property management system
  • Hotel staffs can have a real-time access to a hotels occupancy