Guest reviews written across online platforms have become quite important these days. Due to its impact on a hotel’s brand value, hoteliers must have an effective online reputation management strategy. Adoption of online reputation management plan supports hotels to manage and respond to online reviews.

How important is online reputation management for hotels?Across the globe, more than 60% of hotel bookings are done digitally. This means, many potential guests do spend good amount of time doing online research about hotels, their amenities and services. While doing their research, almost over 90% of them read around 10 to 12 online reviews written by guests. Now, if they get to read maximum number of positive guest review/feedback on a hotel, it certainly influences their booking decision which works well for the hotel. Now, for hotels, managing guest reviews written across hundreds of online review platforms is quite a time consuming task. Manually handling this can result in errors, too. Moreover, hotels must respond to both good and bad reviews in order to gain potential guests’ confidence. Sample this – according to a 2016 Cornell University study, hotels that respond to up to 40% of reviews, can witness a 2.2X increase in revenue. In short, hotels must work towards analyzing guest reviews, take appropriate actions which will assist them in exceeding guest expectations.

This is where a full-proof online reputation management solution can efficiently help hotels. With this solution in place, hotels can leverage guest reviews in an analytical manner to convert diverse guest feedback into actionable insights. This ultimately helps hotels to improve RevPAR.

Take a look at Review Intelligence from IDS Next

How important is online reputation management for hotels?

This is how a hotel can manage and respond to online guest reviews with Review Intelligence tool –

  • Helps the hotel to keep track of reviews collected from across 124 sources and in 20 international languages.
  • It helps a hotel to have a thorough monitoring mechanism to screen both positive and bad reviews. This way a hotel gets to know whenever anything is written across review sites. In short, it helps a hotel to have real-time access to reviews.
  • Helps hotels decode and understand guest sentiments.
  • Assists hotels to come up with an effective review generation strategy.

Most importantly, adoption of online reputation management solution helps hotels to witness an increase in repeat customer booking and occupancy rate. This has now become a revenue driving priority for hotels across the globe.

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How important is online reputation management for hotels?
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