The last 6 months at IDS NEXT have been a flurry of activity. It all began with the launch of RezNext a distribution company that for the first time ever offers the technology for a real-time two-way connectivity between a hotels property management system and online room booking channels. This was followed by a partnership with arcplan to offer a customized business intelligence solution for the niche needs of the hospitality industry. More recently, the IDS NEXT website took on a fresh new look with large visuals. Do visit it, and we would love to hear your thoughts on it.

- Lilian D'Costa

  New and Happening at RezNext  

RezNext has been on a roll since it was launched in late 2012. The response has been heartening, over 300 hotels have installed the RezNext interface, and both chain and independent hotels across geographies are experiencing its many benefits. Additionally, our solution set has expanded to include:

  • Channel Management
  • GDS Connect
  • Web Booking Engine
  • RoomsTonite - a mobile app for last-minute hotel room booking.
  • Guest Dynamix - our Feedback and Loyalty Management Solution
  • Business Intelligence Solution
  • Central Reservation System
  • Email marketing tool

And, soon to be launched online reputation management and revenue management solutions ... Read more>>


IDS NEXT Enterprise Solutions become PA DSS Compliant

FortuneNEXT6i, the newest version of our enterprise software gained PA DSS compliance in February 2013. This is a huge benefit to our customers as they are now assured of greater data security both for hotel data and credit and debit card details of guests...Read more>>


arcplan inks pact with IDS NEXT for Business Intelligence Solutions

arcplan, a business planning Software Company partnered with IDS NEXT, to offer Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions custom made for the hospitality industry in India and other geographies. The solution will also empower hotels to foresee trends in order to position pricing and services to maximize revenue...Read more>>

  Have You Downloaded RoomsTonite yet?  

In March 2013, RezNext launched RoomsTonite- a cool user friendly app for last minute hotel room booking. The app was launched on BlackBerry 10 and hosts hundreds of hotels across cities in India. With this free app, users can now browse hotels by location and pricing and can access last minute hotel deals at fantastic rates...Read more>>

  Coming Soon!  

IDS NEXT to Launch Reputation Management & Revenue Management Solutions

There is much excitement at IDS NEXT as the development team is racing against time to launch two cool new interfaces. Our customers are eager to engage with their guests online and a reputation management tool is just what they need. With competition growing and margins declining, a revenue management solution interfaced with the property management system is all set to help hotels drill down and optimize the revenue of their properties. Stay tuned for these new solutions!

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