Hoteliers should systematically examine the features of a Hotel PMS Software in order to witness higher degree of operational automation. They need to select the right hotel software that matches their requirements. Because, a right Hotel PMS Software is key to handle overall operations with ease.
Here are some of the points to consider while buying a hotel software –

All-in-one and integrated Hotel PMS Software

Hoteliers should always look for a Hotel PMS software that is highly integrated. That means all the modules should run on a single database. There should be no interfaces between the modules. This feature helps users manage data efficiently. It also ensures easier information sharing process across all the departments.

Points to Consider While Selecting A Hotel PMS Software

Ease of use

The Hotel PMS should allow users to do multiple operations in a single window. For example, feature like ‘quick lookup’ should help users take quick glance at statistics like balances of guests, and hotel position etc. Additionally, a Hotel PMS should have ‘hot keys’ feature, too. It enables users quickly access frequently used options such as room status, ledger balances, occupancy statistics, pending purchase orders etc.

Third party interfaces

A smart hotel management system should allow users to enjoy the benefit of third party solutions. For example, IDS Next’s Hotel PMS System has EPABX interface with over 92 models. Furthermore, the Hotel PMS has internet billing interface with over 9 models. Similarly, it has key card system interface with around 12 models.

24/7 technical support

Now, this is quite important. Your Hotel PMS Software vendor must provide 24/7 technical support. This post-sa