About FX Dine

A mobile application that helps restaurant stewards to take and process guests’ orders in less time. The app enables restaurant staff to send the KOT directly to the kitchen display system and also to POS, thus helping them to spend more time attending to their diners’ needs.


Real-time visibility. In your palm.

Browse list of stewards, see real-time visibility of tables – occupied, vacant, just billed and just served.

Asset-112Restaurant Steward Order Taking App
Asset-113Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Browse delicious food items.

All menu groups and menu items will be automatically retrieved from the IDS point of sale and displayed in FX Dine. Too many food items? Just search for it.

Take care of guests’ requirements.

Be it extra cheese on pizza, or extra toppings on ice cream, the app helps you to handle everything with ease. Select from a set of pre-defined modifiers or add a new modifier on the fly.

Asset-114Restaurant Steward Order Taking App
Asset-115Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Confirm order. In a click.

Take food orders, verify the quantity of each, add modifiers if required and place order in a click. A KOT will be generated and sent to the kitchen display system, along with sending to IDS point of sale terminal too.

Open a new table.

Diners arrive as a family of 7 and all your tables seat 4? No worries, just create a open table on the fly. Tag the new table, take and process the order.

Asset-116Restaurant Steward Order Taking App
Asset-117Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Food item not in menu? No problem.

Your guest wants a double cheese Omelette and its not in your menu? No worries, create a new food item instantly, set the price, take and process the order and delight your diners.

Happy hours! Enough said.

Running happy hours program to delight diners? The app will help you to see discounts offered on food and beverages tagged under happy hours. Being informed at the right time will enable to earn more revenue.

Asset-118Restaurant Steward Order Taking App
Asset-119Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

No internet? App still works.

Take orders from diners even while the mobile or tablet device is not connected to the internet. Continue to take the order. When connected to internet, send these offline orders to KDS and POS systems automatically.

Non-chargeable KOT. Supported.

Don’t want to charge a particular guest? Mark his/her order as NC KOT in the app. The KOT will be sent to the kitchen, but the guest will not be charged for the same KOT. Simple.

Asset-120Restaurant Steward Order Taking App
Asset-121Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Feed. Back.

Select the table and trigger a customisable feedback form. Let diners rate your food/service, enter comments/suggestions, collect their contact details to build long lasting relationship.

Benefits of FX Service

Asset-122Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Send the KOT directly to the kitchen. Thus, your steward will get more time to attend to guests’ needs as he/she will not have to run back and forth on the floor.

Asset-123Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Ensure enhanced guest satisfaction by serving them in less time. Thus, you can acquire more loyal guests.

Asset-124Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Speed up your service level by minimizing errors that may arise due to manual effort, thus reducing guest waiting time.

Asset-125Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Witness increased table turnaround time.

Asset-126Restaurant Steward Order Taking App

Increase revenue by upselling – create modifiers and open items.

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