About FX Service

A platform that enables hotels to log guest service requests and serve guests better by responding to their requests and complaints on time. Guest requests can be created in a web-based application. Upon creation, the respective departments are notified in their FX Service Android app for staffs to act on. Entire life cycle of a service request – from time of request to completion of request – can be monitored from the web-based application.


Create and manage service request

Create service request

In this web-based application, hotel service desk team or front office team can create service requests when guests call them.

Create-service-requestFX Service
Track-service-requestFX Service

Track service request

Every request can be tracked for its real-time status: Who is working on it, how long it has taken so far, the estimated time of completion and more.

Mobile app: Staff view

Complete visibility of service request

The app shows the service request, room number from where it was requested, name of guest, time of request, and finally the time to complete the request.

FX-Ser-3FX Service
Track-every-actionFX Service

Track every action

Staff can pick one or more tasks from the app and start to work on it. Upon completion, the task(s) can be marked as complete in app.

Never miss a service request

For every new service request, app notifies the staff with a notification and sound. Even when the staff’s phone is away or in pocket while at work, the service request wouldn’t be missed.

Never-miss-a-service-requestFX Service
FX-Ser-6FX Service

Delight guests. Instantly

Create service requests on behalf of a guest. Browse through all service requests in app, select request(s) and confirm it. Upon confirmation, the respective department staff members get notified.

Mobile app: Manager view

Complete visibility

View all guest requests for the department(s) the manager is mapped to – new requests, list of requests the team members are working on, list of completed requests.

Complete-visibilityFX Service
Complete-controlFX Service

Complete control

Assign a request to a team member. Assign a new team member to an already in-progress task. A request is not done completely or correctly? Manager can re-open it.

Act. Now

Requests that go beyond the defined completion time are displayed in Red color to seek attention and action.

Asset-103FX Service

Benefits of FX Service

Asset-104-1FX Service

Improve overall staff productivity with the help of data – top performing departments, top staffs, repeated overdue requests, etc.

Asset-105-1FX Service

Delight guests by responding to requests ahead of their expectation. Happy guests will turn to repeat guests. Forever.

Asset-106-1FX Service

Increase hotel revenue by reducing customer acquisition cost

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