FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise

enterprise-innerLarge Hotel Property Management Software FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise is a robust hotel property management software. It is designed to address technological needs of big hospitality properties. Especially, due to its centralized data integration, users can adopt this hotel software to ensure efficient property management. Thus, hoteliers can improve their properties’ overall productivity and performance.

FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise comes with 13 highly operationally required modules. Plus, these modules are tightly integrated with each other. As a result of this, users find it extremely easy to work on the software.


  • Front Office Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Point of Sale
  • Telephone Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Banquets & Conferences
  • Interfaces
  • Food & Beverage Costing
  • Materials Management
  • Financial Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Maintenance Management
  • Membership Management

Key Highlights

  • Become GST ready with FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise
  • Automatic Patch Management. This will enable you to download the releases from IDS automatically.
  • Reports can be generated in PDF format. Thus, it eliminates the chances of manipulation.
  • The Hotel PMS System is PA DSS Certified. Thus, it protects guests’ credit card details.
  • Hotels can have access to SMS Alert Solution. Therefore, it helps them send alerts to both guests and staff.
  • Provides drag & drop facility for quick check-in and check-out. Therefore, users can offer faster check-in and check-out facility to their guests.
  • Comes with materials management module. As a result, staff can view average consumption per day, expected last days and budget.
  • Hotel staff can do multiple operations in a single window. For example, they can view room status and can do check-in, check-out and post bills in a single window.
  • Comes with quick view option. Thus, it helps staff to view hotel position from main screen.
  • Provides interface to mobile apps, Easy Dine and Easy Check-In. Subsequently, it helps hotels leverage the power of mobility.
  • The application provides robust hotel audit mechanism. Thus, users do not have to stop their operations during the night audit process.
  • Users can access 360 Degree Hospitality Solutions. Thus, it helps them sell more rooms to ensure increased occupancy.

Business Benefits

  • Simplifies budget and ratio calculation. As a result, users can have enhanced financial planning.
  • The application runs on a single database. Also, the Hotel PMS reports works with Open Office. Thus, it helps the management save on licensing costs.
  • Cost center wise profit and loss report helps the hotel improve profitability
  • Enhances housekeeping and concierge management.
  • Users can access a host of other value added solutions through Hotel 360 Hospitality Solutions