FortuneNEXT iAlert

SMS Alert SystemFortuneNEXT iAlert is a great tool that helps hotels communicate and stay in touch with their guests by sending out SMS alerts. Plus, hotels using this tool can send important notifications to their staff. With FortuneNEXT iAlert, hotels can respond to guests faster and stay connected with guests even after their stay at the hotel. This smart SMS alert system is also great tool to enhance brand loyalty among guests.

FortuneNEXT iAlert helps hotels to

  • Communicate with your guest to promote hotel services through targeted SMS alerts
  • Automate sending of SMSs to guests on their birthdays and anniversaries
  • Alert managers and staff on activity at the hotel such as a VIP Check-in and guest complaints etc
  • Automatically sends messages based on business rules and events
  • It ensures instant message delivery with no queue mechanism

Enhanced Guest Relationship Management with FortuneNEXT iAlert

  • Send alerts on reservation confirmation
  • Welcome message to guest
  • Engage in SMS campaigns on events at hotel like food festival, New Year, and other events
  • Alert on PoS settlements for members with balance
  • Membership service bill entry – guests/members get a SMS alert on bill entry whenever they use any special amenities
  • Membership late fee charge entry – guests/members will receive a SMS alert whenever late fee charge is levied

Process Conformity and Operational Efficiency

  • Automatically sends messages based on business rules / events
  • Alert managers /staff / department / groups on events (VIP Check-in, complaints, high bills etc.)
  • Message templates helps create messages based on functions specific to the departments
  • Sends messages to guests on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries

Manager / staff receive alerts on

  • VIP check-in, complaints, etc.
  • Guest complaints
  • High bills
  • Room transfers
  • Guest checkouts
  • Hotel statistics & revenues
  • PoS bill cancellation & reprint
  • PoS discounts
  • PoS non-chargeable settlements
  • PoS compliment settlements
  • PoS void settlements

SMS Alerts On the Go

  • Web based application that can be accessed from anywhere through internet
  • Quick auto installation
  • Instant message delivery. No queue mechanism anymore
  • Leverage SMS alert for host of operations like reservation, welcome and thank you, complaints, room transfer, hotel statistics, birthdays & anniversaries, PoS alerts, maintenance alerts, bank balance, promotions/ bulk SMS and inter-department alerts, etc.
  • Schedule SMSs weekly, daily, weekdays and weekends
  • Create your own SMS template as there is no more hardcoded SMS templates
  • Multiple SMS gateways, so that users have the freedom for choosing different gateways for different operations e.g. One gateway for Bulk SMS, another for single SMS
  • Dashboard for SMS trend analysis
SMS Alert System