Today’s smart and tech-savvy hoteliers are looking beyond Hotel ERP in order to do smart business. They want to attract guests and get bookings from across the globe in order to stay profitable. In this case, acting as a central booking hub for all the properties in a chain, a Central Reservation System plays a major role.

Review SkyRes, Central Reservation System

Adopt SkyRes & View Integrated Real-time Inventory On The CloudSkyRes, the cloud based central reservation system centralizes property-wise reservation related data. Thus, it allows users to view real-time inventory on the cloud. Moreover, SkyRes supports multiple properties in a chain while helping users managing reservation, rate, and inventory efficiently. Subsequently, implemented as a the hotel’s central reservation office, SkyRes delivers bookings to multiple properties in a chain or group.

Built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, SkyRes ensures that all bookings made across properties are accurately captured in the Hotel PMS. At the same time, it provides users a dashboard which displays the status of critical KPIs including availability, rates, reservations, travel agent, corporate performance and revenue generation reports etc. SkyRes enables users to achieve higher conversions in direct booking. Thereby, it helps the hotel chain maintain profitability.

Receive bookings from across the globe

SkyRes assists users to receive bookings from across the globe. It allows the chain hotel’s CRO to assign travel agents separate log-ins to receive booking from a growing number of audiences. Additionally, the hotel’s CRO can assign log-ins to corporates and empower them to book rooms as per their requirements. Also, SkyRes helps hotels analyse the performance of travel agents, tour operators and corporates.

Itinerary booking

Most importantly, SkyRes allows users to accept bookings for multiple properties in one go. When a guest wants to book multiple hotels in a chain, the hotel’s CRO can take the guest information once and can go ahead with the itinerary booking.

Hotel users, travel agents, tour operators and corporates can take advantage of the itinerary booking function to make reservations at multiple properties.

Other functionalities
  • Guest profile from the unit level is aggregated at a central location
  • Employ stay restriction, multiple payment terms, multiple rate plans and multiple currencies to ensure optimized revenue
  • Single click email reminder to all guests with advance deposit pending
  • Email history for each booking
  • Option for extra charges, revenue discount, traces and guest note
  • Group booking functionalities – group billing instructions, group leader
  • Travel Agent / TO/Corporate login, Option for agent allocation & related report
  • Block and release allocation inventory for travel agents.
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Adopt SkyRes & View Integrated Real-time Inventory On The Cloud
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